How to Send Fake Live Location on Telegram 2024

Telegram is a fantastic cross platform, open source messaging app. Apart from allowing you to send text messages to your friends, it also helps you to do video calling. However, Telegram’s location tracker feature is a concern for many people as no one likes to reveal their location.

Luckily, faking the GPS live location on Telegram is possible; we’ll reveal how to send fake live location on Telegram to avoid tracking.

Part 1: How to Share Fake Live Location on Telegram iPhone/Android

Here’s the step by step guide to learning how to send Fake live location on Telegram.

Step 1: Start iGPSGo on the computer after installing it. Next, you’ll need to connect the Android or iOS device to the PC through a USB cable.

Step 2: Once the connection of the mobile device is established with the PC, navigate to location change mode. Now, after hitting the Search button, you can type in the location you’d like to show in Telegram. Press the Go button to fake the GPS location. Open telegram app, your location already changed.


Step 3: Open Telegram and start a chat with the person you want to share your fake location with. Choose “Share My Live Location” and set the duration for sharing the fake location. Confirm and send the fake live location to the recipient.

Send Fake Live Location on Telegram

Part 2: Why Telegram live location not updating  

If you’re struggling to update the live location in Telegram, various reasons might be causing this issue. A few of the main reasons behind this chaos are listed below.

  • If you haven’t been granted access to the Telegram location services on the iOS device, you won’t be able to change the live location.
  • A weak or unstable internet connection could prevent you from updating the live location on Telegram. Check your internet connection and switch to a stronger network if needed.
  • Poor GPS Signal: telegram live location updating relies on a strong GPS signal. If you are in an area with poor GPS reception, it can result in location updates not being transmitted accurately. Moving to an area with a stronger signal can help.
  • If you turn on the Telegram app in the background, you can’t change its GPS location.
  • Enabling the low power mode could cause the problem you’ve been currently dealing with. To resolve this, ensure your device is adequately charged and consider disabling power-saving modes.
  • If you don’t update the Telegram app regularly, it might also cause the situation you’re currently in.

Part 3: How to find someone’s location on Telegram with location tracker

Various location trackers are being made available that help you to keep track of aother people chatting with you on telegram. For instance, you can use Tgtracker to track the original location of other people by following a couple of steps. Tgtracker is like a detective tool that helps you keep an eye on what others are doing on Telegram. With this software, you can check where a specific user is going, almost like tracking a smartphone’s GPS through Telegram. It’s a dependable way to stay informed about someone’s movements.

The best thing about the Tgtracker is that it doesn’t notify others that you see their location on Telegram.

Here’s how to see someone’s location on Telegram through Tgtracker.

Step 1: Open Tgtracker official website. Enter the phone number or user name to get started.

Step 2: This software uses a mix of special tricks to grab the telegram verification code. Once you’re inside a hacked account, the software kicks off, sending out location data to the Dashboard. Then, the app tools get to work, crunching the data so you can see the info you want.

Part 4: Why Would You Need to Spoof GPS Location on Telegram?

Various instances force you to fake the live location on Telegram. Here’s the list of the most prominent reasons.

Protect the privacy

You can fake the GPS location on Telegram to protect your privacy, especially if some one ask you to share your live location with them on telegram. Your wife may ask you to share your live location, but you are hanging out with other women in bars.

Prank the friends

You may prank your friends by share the fake live location on Telegram. This way, you can change your location to dubai, and share live telegram location to your friends, your friends will be surprised.

Make new friends

If you want to make new friends in a particular region on Telegram, you can pretend to live in that region by changing the GPS location, this can potentially meet new people or join local chat groups, expanding their social network..

Participating in geographically restricted groups or channels

There are instances where certain Telegram groups or channels are designated for particular geographic locations. Simulating your GPS location could potentially provide entry into such groups or channels, even though this action may not align with ethical considerations or the group’s guidelines.

Part 5: Can you fake Telegram GPS location to expand Telegram nearby?

Several users tend to ask this particular question, and the good thing is that you can expand Telegram nearby by faking the GPS location. It implies that you can see more people for new location on Telegram’s nearby list after faking the GPS location on Telegram.

For instance, if you want to add more friends living in the UK, you can use the location info of the UK to search the UK’s residents in the nearby list. By doing so, you can expand your telegram circle and connect with countless individuals residing in diverse corners of the globe, thus making new friends.

FAQs about Telegram fake GPS location:

1. Does Telegram show your location?

Telegram doesn’t show the location unless you decide to show your location to other people. For instance, you can click the ”Make Myself Visible” icon to show others your current location. The recipient(s) will be able to see your real-time location on a map after you share live location with them. Telegram People Nearby feature shows users in your vicinity who have also enabled “People Nearby.”. This does not display your exact location but allows others in your vicinity to find and connect with you if they have enabled the feature.

2. Can Telegram track your location?

Telegram is a messaging app focused on privacy and security. It is the safest chat app. Telegram does not continuously track or share your location without your consent. Any location sharing on Telegram is typically initiated by the user and is under their control. But if some one hack your phone and install an app called Tgtracker, they can track your location via Tgtracker’s location tracker feature.

3. Can my friends know when I fake a Telegram location?

No. Your friends can not know when you fake the Telegram GPS location. Telegram does not provide a specific notification or feature that informs your friends when you use a location spoofing tool or fake your location within the app.


Learning how to send fake live location on Telegram has become more straightforward than you think as we’ve introduced some of the breathtaking ways in this guide.

We have recommended that iGPSGo fake the GPS location on Telegram as it doesn’t take any time before changing the current location on Telegram.