- Change GPS Location

Best GPS Location Changer iOS/Android

  • Change iPhone/Android GPS location to anywhere in one click.
  • Simulate GPS movement naturally with custom route&speed.
  • GPS joystick to control the direction of movement flexibly.
  • Import / Export GPX file to save your favorite routes.
  • Compatible with All iOS & Android versions, including iOS 16 & Android 14.

Safe Location Changer with Customized Route or Speed

iGPSGo location changer iOS/Android provides three movement modes to help you change GPS location more naturally. Single-spot, multi-spot and joystick mode. Three movement modes are very useful for Pokemon Go. You can control your movement speed at a fixed or variable speed from 3.6km/h to 100km/h.
fake location on pokemon go with iToolPaw iGPSGo

Change GPS Location on Pokémon GO iOS/Android

With iGPSGo location changer on iPhone/Android, you can play Pokémon GO without walking. This makes Pokémon GO think you are walking.

Social App GPS Location Changer iPhone/Android

iGPSGo location changer supports all location-based apps like Snapchat, Life360, Tinder, Bumble etc. You can stop online tracking without anyone knowing.

Freely Change Direction with GPS Joystick

Traditional emulators often lead to game crashes. Using GPS joystick to control GPS movement direction can take better control.

Import GPX File to Use Favorite Route

By importing GPX files of single and multiple paths, you can use your favorite walking route to change GPS location in one click.
Import GPX File

What Makes iGPSGo Best Location Changer iOS/Android

As one of the best location changer on iPhone/Android, iGPSGo not only allows you to change GPS location and simulate GPS movement, but also provides many useful functions for you to enjoy more fun in Pokémon GO.

Cooldown Timer

Cooldown Timer will help you avoid Soft Ban in Pokémon GO.

Joystick Movement

Use GPS joystick to control movement direction more flexibly.

Zoom Map In/Out

Enlarge the map to better plan the route. Just click the zoom icon in the lower-right corner of the map.

Adjustable Moving Speed

By dragging the speed bar, you can simulate GPS movement at customized speed.

Import/Export GPX File

You are free to import and export the GPX file to use the favorite routes.

Multi-device Control

Support change GPS location on 15 different iOS/Android devices at the same time.

iGPSGo User Reviews

iGPSGo works well with Pokémon GO. I would recommend if you are in a place with no events nearby. It helps me play Pokémon GO without going outside.
iGPSGo is a game-changer for Snapchat location changes. Its user-friendly interface, extensive virtual location selection, consistent updates, and robust security measures make it the ultimate choice for any Snapchat enthusiast.
jorge vega
iGPSGo allows me to maintain control over my location on Life360 without any hiccups. You can freeze Life360 location to anywhere without parents knowing.
Hattie Russo


Yes, with the special iToolPaw AES encryption algorithm, you can change GPS location to anywhere without leaving any trace.
No. Jailbreak your iPhone is not safe. While many tools in the market require jailbreaking, like the GPS spoofer apps downloaded from Cydia. But with iGPSGo iOS location changer, you can change iPhone location WITHOUT jailbreak.
All fake GPS apps on the App Store can not change location successfully. Currently, a desktop tool is the only way to change your iPhone’s GPS location, iGPSGo is the best desktop software to change iPhone GPS location.
Just reboot your phone to get back to real GPS location or click the reset button in iGPSGo.
The route defined in Two-spot Mode can only move on roads. While Multi-spot Mode is not confined to roads. You can flexibly choose to move by sea or mountain according to your requirements.