Polygon Pokémon Go Bot Free Download And Install

Polygon is a Pokémon Go bot that assists users through its features. You will experience various modifying features in Polygon. In this article, we will discuss the steps to download and install the Polygon Pokémon Go bot and its highly secured alternative.

Part 1. How To Download And Install Polygon Pokémon Go Bot APK

Polygon Pokémon Go bot is only available for Androids and has simple download and install procedures. You need a rooted android phone with 64Bit Rom to use polygon bot.

It is unavailable on the Play Store and has no official downloading site right now. You can only download it through their Discord channel. Let’s see how you can download and install Polygon on your phone.

Step 1: Download and Install Discord on your phone. Create an account or log in if you have an existing one.

Step 2: Search for the official Polygon channel on Discord. You need get verified before you can access the Polygon discord channel.

Step 3: Type ?download in discord chat to get download link; it will show you the different versions. Tap the latest version and download it on your phone.

polygon pokemon go bot download

Step 4: Type ?enhancer in discord chat to get free enhancer key. You can use this key to unlock the server, you just need to write ?verify <key> in this chat. Remember to replace <key> with your actual key like this: ?verify ENHANCER-zsvQ871eaKWTNLPBzOM2Rp7

Step 5: Tap the downloaded APK. Enable Install From Unknown Sources prompt appearing and hit Install. Give Polygon root access and activate all what Polygon need to work.

Part 2. What Is Polygon Pokémon Go Bot

Polygon Pokémon Go bot is an enhanced version of Pokémon Go. It has two types of bots, each with distinct features.

Polygon doesn’t give any surety of being safe. It is an unauthorized third-party app that may lead to account bans. 

Let’s discuss both bots and see which features they support.


Enhancer has a free and paid version. The joystick feature gives you an analogous feel like Pokémon Go. You can move your location through the teleport feature to where you think rare Pokémon are. It allows you to move at variable speeds and has a Pokémon scanner to reach the exact location.

It also has features such as auto heal, Pokéstop auto spin, rocket battle auto win and auto release the Pokéball before initiating the throw.  

Farmer (Bot)

The Farmer bot is not free; you must subscribe to the plan. It has the lowest pricing, starting from 8 euros. It has a geofence rotator, which creates a certain radius where you can move. 

You will have an increased catching rate of Pokemon. It also has more advanced features like buddy interaction, battle team leaders, upgrading the quest, and many more.

Part 3. Polygon Pokémon Go iOS Alternative – iGPSGo

It has two-point and multi-point routes to automate stopping and starting at marked points. You can spoof all the location-based applications using it. iGPSGo saves your location history to use later. You can explore the cooldown timer, which alerts you while detecting frequent location changes.

FAQs About Polygon Pokémon Go Hack

1. Pokémon Go polygon discord?

Polygon3.0# is the discord channel for the Pokémon Go polygon from where you can find the APK file.

2. Does the Polygon Pokémon Go bot belong to polygon.com?

polygon.com is not the official site for Polygon bots, Polygon.com is a website that focuses on video game news, reviews, and features, as well as coverage of other aspects of entertainment such as movies, TV, and comics. instead, you can go to their Discord channel for the latest news.

3. Does Polygon work with rooted emulators?

No. you can not use Polygon with the rooted emulators because they can not pass the SafetyNet.

4. Polygon don’t start or work.

Check Polygon have root access in Magisk if you have trouble and Polygon open the Magisk-Application but don’t ask for permissions, then you need to restore MagiskManager

Pokémon Go need to be G64 and the right Version, you can Download the currently working with !apk (G32 not work)

5. I don’t see anything on the map when using polygon bots

“Lightweight mode” is on, it`s good for better performance on older devices. But you can turn it off and you see everything.


Polygon has various features, but it is unsafe to use and can lead to an account ban. Using a reliable GPS spoofer with multiple features like iGPSGo is better, which never affects your precious accounts. You can progress faster in the game.