PGTools Free Download How to Use PGTools Is PGTools Safe

PGTools is the Pokémon Go bots that use the original version of Pokémon Go with advanced hacks and features. Players prefer to use it to enhance their Pokémon Go accounts by earning more XPs and stardust.

If you want to level up your Pokémon Go accounts using PGTools, follow this detailed guide. We will also discuss PGTools variants and let you know how to download and use PGTools easily.

Part 1. What Is PGTools Bots PAC And PAG

PAC and PAG are two PGTools bots that offer incredible features. Let’s discuss and see how they can help you.

PGTools PAC Auto Catcher

PAC helps a user to auto catch rare Pokémon. It has two modes of catching. One is the Normal mode, which encounters each Pokémon and takes some time to catch it. The second one is Fast mode, which catches Pokemon instantly. It allows you to discard the items in your bag and has a feature to transfer any Pokémon to your friend. PAC also works with pgsharp. It has free and paid version.

The most highlighted feature is that you can manually order the Pokéballs according to the priority of catching. It will directly open the map if it catches the Pokémon. It is more likely to catch a Pokémon, no matter which Pokéball you use. You will get an increased XP of almost 1400+ per catch.

PGTools PAG Auto Grunter

This tool provides a team of Rocket bots to automatically battle with Pokémon and collect the stardust to a greater extent. It only has a paid version right now because of its premium features.

PAG automatically scans grunts near your location. It allows you to purify a shadow Pokémon, which will decrease the requirement of stardust and candies to power up. You can use its teleport mode to move anywhere and collect rare species, while the other tap-to-teleport feature requires a GPS joystick. Put the Plan coordinates to move from one location to another, and you can also run a loop.

pgtools bot

Part 2. PGTools Bots Free Download And How To Install

Follow the steps to download and install the PGTools bots free version.

Step 1: Navigate to the PGTools web page. Tap the Download button for Final PGTOOLS at the bottom of the web page. Before that, you must check for your Pokémon Go version to ensure they have the same versions for compatibility. Every time the Pokémon Go app updates, you need to wait for some time to get PGTools updated.

Step 2: Tap the downloaded file and turn on Install From Unknown Sources. Tap the Install button.

Step 3: Launch the application and grant the superuser always access it asks for.

Part 3. Is PGTools Safe? Will You Get Banned For Using PGTools

PGTools is safer compared to PGSharp or iPogo because it uses the original Pokémon Go app.

But it is not 100% safe. PGTools might be unsafe because you are tweaking the original Pokémon Go with third-party applications. Niantic will easily detect the unfavorable advantages you get using these tools.

It has very rare features to collect premium inventory items such as stardusts or candy. Your account will be admitted to the suspicious ones because of leveling up earlier and collecting mythic Pokémons without striving. It is better to use this tool with certain limits to avoid any ban on your precious accounts.

Part 4. PGTools iOS Alternative Can You Use PGTools For iPhone

It has a wide range of features and is compatible with Android and iOS. You can use the variable movement speed and joystick feature to simulate your desired location precisely.

It doesn’t require jailbreak or root and is compatible with the latest OS. You can mark the sport with its multi-spot and two-spot features to reach the spoofed location.

FAQs about PGTools

1. Can you use PGTools without root?

No, you can’t use PGTools without root. PGTools does not provide unroot version, root version can use original pokemon go app.

2. How to get PGTools sponsor features?

You must subscribe to the premium version of Discord for the sponsor features. After subscribing, you will be able to access all the sponsor features without any interruption. You can pay with paypal for PGTools sponsor.

3. Can you use PGTools on an emulator for PC?

No, You can not use PGTools through emulators like BlueStacks and others.


PGTools offers multiple tools to tweak Pokemon Go’s original version and help you get more advantages. However, your account can get banned by using it. It is better to use a reliable tool, such as iGPSGo. It will change your location instantly and let you enjoy the game without any worries.