How to Get Free Pokemon Go Fake GPS Joystick Hack App on iOS/Android 2024

A GPS joystick can help Pokemon Go players move their characters easily without any hassle. It will enhance your gameplay and experience and help you enjoy the game to the fullest.

In this article, we will share some of the free Pokemon Go Fake GPS joystick hack app for iOS/Android. We will share some applications that you can try for Android and iOS. Even if you are new, you can easily follow the step-by-step procedure. Let’s begin.

Part 1. How to Get the Best Free Pokemon Go Fake GPS Joystick Hack for iOS/Android – iToolPaw iGPSGo

It works well on all Android and iOS versions. You can use it with any GPS-based application or game. It does not require jailbreak or root. The best part is that you can fake the location of up to 15 devices at a time.

Steps for how to use iToolPaw iGPSGo Pokemon Go fake GPS joystick on iPhone/Android

Step 1: Download iGPSGo from the official website and install it.

Step 2: Open the software and click Start. Now, select Android or iOS.

Step 3: You need to enable Developer mode on iPhones and USB Debugging on Android devices for the first time.

Step 4: When you see the map, you are ready to spoof the location. Go to one-spot or multi-spot mode. Search for the location you want and select the spots. Click Go.

Step 5: You will also see the joystick mode on the screen. You can control the movement using the arrow keys on the keyboard, you can also drag the dots button to control movement directions.

pokemon go gps joystick

Part 2. Pokemon Go Mod APK Fake GPS Joystick Hack App on Android Free Download No Computer No Root – PGSharp

Steps for how to use PGSharp pokemon go joystick hack on android no root

Step 1: Download the PGSharp APK from the official website because it is not available on Play Store. Install the APK.

Step 2: You will receive the login credentials. Enter them and log into your account.

Step 3: You are ready to play the game. You will see a joystick tool in the pokemon go app, just press up, down, left, right button to control your pokemon go characters, and you are good to go.


Part 3. Free Download Pokemon Go Fake GPS Joystick Hack App iOS No Computer No Jailbreak – iPogo

It is specifically developed for Pokemon Go and offers incredible features, such as the Auto Catch/Spin, Spawn Booster, Release Pokemon, etc. It enhances the gameplay experience and allows you to enjoy more.

Steps for how to use iPoGo pokemon go joystick hack on iOS no jailbreak

Step 1: Go to the iPoGo official website. You can try the free version first. Use Signulous to install the application.

Step 2: Open the application and log in to your Pokemon Go account. Go to Settings and activate the account.

Step 3: Open Pokemon Go. You will see all the tools on the left side of the screen. You can find the joystick tools in the buttom screen. Drag the joystick button to move to the desired location. You can also search for the desired Pokemon in the location.


Part 4. Free Pokemon Go Fake GPS JoyStick Hack App by The App Ninjas Need Root

Step 1: Download GPS JoyStick app by The App Ninjas from goole play store. and install on your android phone.

Step 4: After you rooted your android phone, you should see a joystick on screen. You can use it to move around in the Pokémon GO map.

GPS JoyStick Hack App by The App Ninjas

Part 5. Which One is the Best Free Pokemon Go Fake GPS Joystick Hack App

 iGPSGoPGSharpiPogoGPS JoyStick by The App Ninjas
Operating SystemiOS and AndroidOnly AndroidiOS and AndroidOnly Android
Multiple modesYesNoNoNo
Cooldown TimerYesYesYesNo
GPX Route FileSupportedSupportedSupportedSupported
No of Devices15111
Root or Jailbreakno root or jailbreakno rootno root or jailbreakNeed root

All these methods and Pokemon Go fake GPS joystick hack have distinct features and requirements. If you want a reliable method that can spoof location on Pokemon Go without leaving any traces, you should use a desktop tool, such as iGPSGo. It will change your location and spoof natural movement on the map.

But if you do not have a computer, you can use iPogo or PGSharp. Both have free and paid plans. Try the free plan first, and then go for the premium one.

Part 6. Why So Many Players Need Pokemon Go Fake GPS Joystick App

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game in which the players have to move physically to catch Pokemon around and perform other tasks. It is an incredible game, but it is not feasible for players to move and catch Pokemon. It is quite time-consuming, and wandering on the roads is a big no for many people. Thus, the only choice is to use a GPS spoofing application to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Pokemon Go fake GPS joystick hack is a good feature in GPS spoofing applications. It helps you easily move on the map, control directions, and catch Pokemon without any hassle. Therefore, players prefer having a GPS joystick to imitate natural movement. With the Pokemon Go fake GPS joystick hack, Players can access PokéStops, Gyms, and Pokémon spawn points without leaving their homes. This can be especially convenient in situations where going outside is not possible or safe.


We have seen how you have a Pokemon Go fake GPS joystick hack while playing the game. There are a wide range of applications you can try. A reliable option would be a desktop tool that can change the location without any hassle. You can use iGPSGo. If you want to use the application directly on your mobile device, you can use iPogo or PGSharp.