Using iGPSGo on iOS 17 Devices via Mac Virtual Machine on Windows

For Windows users encountering issues with iGPSGo on iOS 17 device or those with a requirement to use multiple iOS 17 devices, you can employ the following solution by utilizing a Mac virtual machine on windows. Refer to the detailed guide below. 

Step One: Install Virtual Machine Software

1.Download the VM software package.  

Note:The package is about 12G, please give enough storage. C disk is not recommended.)

Download link:

2.Double click on the “VMware-workstation-full-16.0.0-16894299” executable file to install the VMware software.

3.Input a License Key provided in the package during the installation process.

License Key:




4.Finally, click “Finish” to complete the installation.

Step Two: Run the Unlock File as Administrator

VM software package > unlocker427 > windows > Locate the “unlock” file and right-click to run it as an administrator.

Step Three: Create a New Virtual Machine in the Virtual Machine Software

Allocate sufficient hard disk space and memory for the virtual machine during the creation process.

1.Import the “Install-macOS-Big-Sur-11.1-20C69” file from the package during the creation process.

2.In the system selection, choose “Apple Mac OS X” and “macOS 11.1” version. If the “Apple Mac OS X” option is not available, close the virtual machine and repeat Step Two.

Step Four: Run the Virtual Machine and Complete Basic Settings

1.Power on the virtual machine.

2.Choose Disk Utility and select “Erase” to erase the VMware Virtual SATA Hard Drive Media, ensuring enough disk space.

3.Back to select “Install macOS Big Sur” and choose disk 11.1 during the process. Once completed, the Mac virtual machine will be running.

4.Then create a virtual machine computer account to enter. 

( Chinese language do not need to create an account, directly enter the password: 123456 )

Step Five: Install and Use iGPSGo in the Virtual Machine

1.Download and install iGPSGo from the official website within the virtual machine.